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SeekOn Directory Site Listing Request Instructions

Locality Pages: SeekOn has pages for more than 15,000 cities and towns in the U.S., Canada, and the CaribbeanSeekOn especially endeavors to provide services for smaller towns and smaller web sites that are under-supported by other venues. SeekOn has been operating since 1999.

You may purchase site listings on locality pages from SeekOn. The cost is $10.00 annually for listing a single site URL and description on up to five SeekOn locality pages for nearby towns. Purchasers are given a customer ID number with which to add listings or modify existing listings.

 Advantages of SeekOn site listings:

NOTICE: Recently the PayPal supplied interface prorocol between PayPal and SeekOn that handles customer listing requests stopped working properly. This has been reported to PayPal and until it is fixed we will temporarily not be accepting new listings.

If you would like to purchase a listing on a SeekOn locality page for your site please follow these instructions.

Purchase a customer ID number: [GetID Link]  Be sure to record the CID number!

If you want to renew an existing CID and associated listings: Renew ID.

Use the "Add your site to the SeekOn Directory" link on the the SeekOn locality page on which you would like the site listing to appear. Requests for new SeekOn site listings are reviewed by SeekOn reviewers and not all sites are accepted for listing on SeekOn SeekOn users agree to the SeekOn Terms of Service. SeekOn locality "pages" for larger towns may have sub-pages for categories like "Restaurants", "Services", "Entertainment", "Real Estate", etc. The user can suggest a category for the listing. However we only accept a single URL once per locality.  If your motel has a restaurant and you want to list it separately, the restaurant needs its own URL.

During the submission process the SeekOn robot will visit your site to verify certain site information as described here.

SeekOn reviewers consider that their function is to determine if a submission is appropriate for the suggested SeekOn page.  We think the site owner is in the best position to describe his or her own site and therefore do not edit the submitted title and description.  However we will decline a submission for having a poor or inappropriate submitted title or description.  Site owners should therefore spend some time writing these items, which can also be used for submitting to other directories, and for inserting in page title and description tags.

General Guidelines: 

Do not simply put lists of keywords in the title or description.  Do not use excessive capitalization.  The title and description should read well.  Needless to say, the submitted title and description should correspond well with the actual site content.

Most Common Reasons for Listing Rejection:

Keyword duplication: Novice web site developers frequently believe the false rumor that search engines like keyword duplication and submit listings like:

Crownsville Motel - Motel in Crownsville, Maryland, Crownsville motel. Visit the Crownsville Motel in beautiful Crownsville. Motels in Crownsville.

Instead of:

Bates Motel - New contemporary inn in downtown Crownsville - near Fairgrounds and Renaissance Festival with on-site restaurant and sports bar.

We do not want excessive keywords and uninformative listings on our site.  What you do on your site is up to you.

No Local Interest:  Do not submit an activity located in one town to the SeekOn page for another remotely located town even though you think the folks in Chicago might be interested in a Miami hotel. The Chicago people know to look on the Miami SeekOn page if they are interested in something in Miami. We do accept listings for activities in nearby towns.

We do not accept listings for sites that do not have a published-on-the-site local address (home page, about page, or contact page) in or near the subject town. You cannot pretend to be a local activity while hiding your location. Exceptions are made for sites with clearly local interest content.

Poor Writing:   Don't expect us to accept a randomly truncated part of a description you wrote for something else. The description needs to be in good English and fit within the 200 character maximum length.

General Directory: SeekOn has a limited general subject directory (Arts, Society, Health, Computers, Business, Recreation).  This directory is intended to provide information of plausible interest to residents and visitors in North America and therefore complement the locality pages.  New general interest sites are temporarily not being accepted by SeekOn.

Questions about purchased listings: Contact us regarding questions about a purchased listing.  Please include your customer ID number.

NOTE: SeekOn does NOT accept site listing requests by email, only via the site listing request forms.


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