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New Concepts for an Internet Web Site Directory Describes technical innovations in the design of the SeekOn Directory.

All about Cable Modems   How cable modems work.  What's involved in installing and using cable modem high speed internet service.

How To Set Up a Small Network  You can easily connect two or more computers for home or small office using Ethernet.

Setting Up and Using ISDN If cable and DSL are not available, ISDN may be a possibility.

Privacy Issues with Email Spam If you are using an "always on" internet connection, spammers can find out who you are and track your web usage.

Science and Engineering:

Digital Genetics and the Theory of Evolution  Short article summarizing Darwin's Theory of Evolution and providing information on discrepancies between the theory and various observations. Some proposed adjustments to natural selection theory are described.

Evolution Update Site provides overview of current situation regarding the theory of evolution.

The Evolution of Aging Site with information on theories of biological aging. Includes free online book and links to many online resources.  Discusses impact of public and scientific attitudes on anti-aging research.

The Real Automobile - Automation of Automobiles Discusses the advantages of an automated automobile system including safety and reduction of travel time.

The Search for Undiscovered Force Fields Could there be qualitatively different force fields awaiting discovery?

The Origin of Life We know current species evolved from some original organism - but how did the original organism get here?

Why NASA Can't Control Cost NASA's organization is designed for research, not large projects.

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