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Listing your Web Site on SeekOn  See Site Listing Instructions.

If you have a locally oriented web site you can list it in your town's SeekOn pages.  Go to your town page and click on "Add your site to the SeekOn Directory" at the bottom of the page.  You will then be asked for the site URL, title, and description.  

SeekOn charges $10 for a one-year site listing on up to 5 different locality pages and issues a Customer ID number to be used when submitting the listing.  We do not support listing the same web site multiple times for the same locality (e.g. on the restaurants page and on the nightlife page of a large town.)

If you update your site title or description tags you can resubmit your site using the same site URL and Customer ID number.

SeekOn generally lists accepted sites within one week of submission.

If your site has moved, resubmit your site using the new URL.  If the previous site URL no longer exists, you can contact SeekOn to remove it.  If you want a site listing removed for a site that still exists see the listing removal instructions. SeekOn's spider periodically visits listed sites. 

The order of site listings on SeekOn pages is done by a proprietary ranking algorithm.  

SeekOn (because of spam issues) does not accept URLs which contain ? or =.   SeekOn does not accept listings for sites that are not suitable for a general audience.

On larger city pages, SeekOn has separate pages for different categories of site (e.g. restaurants).  Site listings submitted to that city will be assigned to a page by means of keywords found in the page title or description.  For example, if your site title or description has words like restaurant, cafe, dining, etc. it will be assigned to the restaurant page. A category may be suggested during submission.

To remove a SeekOn listing see listing removal instructions.



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