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About SeekOn

SeekOn is a Hybrid Catalog, sort of a cross between a traditional web directory and a search engine.  Instead of the alphabetic order used in traditional directories, SeekOn determines the page listing order by use of a proprietary relevance algorithm.  When a site owner submits their site, SeekOn uses the site title and description submitted by the owner so that you can see how the owner himself describes his site -- usually a good clue as to the quality of the site.  Site listings are fresh -- listings appear or can be updated usually within one week!  SeekOn has been operating since 1999.

SeekOn listings are human-reviewed!

Our local directories for the US, Canada, and the Caribbean contain more than 300,000 site listings.  Bookmark yours and get one-click access to local hotel/motel rooms, restaurant lists, movie times, real-estate, people search, maps, weather, local web sites, and more!   If you have a local-interest site in North America that is not listed you can add your site to the SeekOn Directory.  

We also have a General Subject Catalog that provides listings likely to be of local interest in areas like Arts, Business, and Recreation.

See our FAQ for more information.

Note: Seekon is not affiliated with "seekon.inf."

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